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ABOUT THE Founder 

Anna Kamallaya Hefors

Founder of Kamallaya Academy and IT BRAIN mobile application

  • Founder of the international wellness project IT BRAIN, uniting people striving to prolong life and youth.

  • Investor and philanthropist in the development of neurological science and helping children who are at risk of dangerous brain diseases.

  • Writer, author of the bestseller “Deciphering the Genome of Humanness” - a research scientific work using the ancient knowledge of runology.

  • Author of a unique technology for working with the subconscious at the genome level, the “Golden Genome”, which helps improve emotional, mental, and psyche health. By changing the frequency waves of the brain and its neuro settings, you are able to quickly come to the life of your dreams, to combine deep spiritual comprehensive knowledge of spiritual evolution with the external physical abundance of life and real happiness.
  • SOUL SPECIALIZATIONAwakening of the original characteristics of the Soul of the New Time Leaders.

  • MISSIONDirect accompaniment to the High Platforms of Life. Projection of living original codes into the worlds of people. Unzipping, unfolding the Original Intent. Folding the old experiments of the worlds of duality. Message transmission, support, navigation service, delivery service, data transfer service of the Initial fields (Home of every Soul)
  • PURPOSE:Direct transmission of instructions for the transition into the worlds of authenticity. Transmission of high spiritual energies and technologies.

  • SOUL GOALS:Accompaniment to a new timeline of Primordial Memory. Fixation of the light Primordial DNA-RNA, transfer of experiences of the Super Civilizations, unification and transition to the Union with the Worlds of authenticity.
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Deciphering the genome of humanness

Read the genus code in your DNA

The discovery conveyed in this book will touch the nuclei of your memory cells. You can treat it differently, but you definitely won’t remain indifferent. I would like to write about the peculiarity of this book, but I will not do this, let it be expressed in its own way for everyone. The most important thing is that it displays the courage and open-mindedness of the declared. And open-mindedness is freedom from all dogmas, points of view, religious views, and so on. 

At the end of the book you will read: 

«... It was not I who deciphered this code, it was You Who let us behold it, read it...» This sentence contains the whole meaning and essence of this Work, joint Work.

Anna Kamallaya Khefors

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Spine of God

The spine contains a great power, awakening which you will know true bliss and peace, you will receive liberation from all low-vibration attachments, such as alcohol and drugs. But before launching this force, it is necessary to prepare the floors of the spinal column. The Divine codes lie dormant at the base of the spine, they contain the blueprint of a perfect life. When the codes are activated and rise up the prepared column, they revive your memory, nourish the cerebrospinal fluid, and activate dormant areas of the brain. Reaching the pineal gland, they become a single living crystal that unfolds Divine memory, power and consciousness.

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Immortality of cells.

Humanity needs to transition to the birth in the biosphere from the quantum world, without an atomic body, with the superconsciousness of divine characteristics. If one doesn't make this transition, over time, there is a gradual and complete decay of the etheric body. The goal of human evolution on the planet is to develop stability against decay in the etheric body. These are already gods, god-humans.

The goal is only achieved through the biological era of immortality, hundreds of thousands, millions of years in a single protein body. The methods of immortality are right in front of us. The evolving mind itself will strive for such knowledge.

When the goal is achieved, the individual dies as a human but departs the planet as a god, a resident of eternity and the quantum world. This is governed by elementary physical and chemical laws of mind development through the frequency of the biosphere. Gods in neighboring star systems do not interfere. It is unnecessary and impractical. The expansion of the cosmos within the human body, but with the consciousness of a god, is the only true path to immortality, encoded in the Bible. Everything is structured according to the highest justice; otherwise, the cosmos itself would not exist. The topic of immortality is the most extensive, and we will thoroughly explore it together in order to remember who you truly are, without the veil of illusions.

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Abundance and wealth

How long has a person been seeking the gates of abundance, substituting knowledge of abundance with ordinary material resources, separating them from the inner ones? Where does that very abundance come from, which flows from the inner world to the external, taking care of you, your comfort, and well-being? Earth has entered its transitional period, as if a chick is preparing to hatch from an egg, and the shell has become thin.

Humanity is transitioning along with the Earth, and the limitations of the shell will soon leave us. In this way, duality will be healed, and unity will enable us to experience abundance to the fullest. Where do these changes take place? In consciousness.

The shell is present everywhere, representing a pyramidal terrace of memory (space and time). The cosmic shell of different matrices consists of layers of illusion within the matrix, which the devoted ones know as platforms of time and space. When we are confined within predetermined coordinates before birth, we are separated from the whole. However, when we acknowledge unity and freely navigate the ocean of infinity, through the multiple fractals of creation, flowing into the necessary layers of memory in the present moment, we bathe in the luxury of Infinity, without limiting ourselves.

The matrix of separation from the Whole Ocean of Infinity acts as a mirror that distorts reality. It reflects what we are not and opposes form. Those who live their entire lives as a cohesive whole, transitioning to higher layers of the World Soul, become free from the contradictions of life. Their confinement within the prison framework of human consciousness, separated from the Whole, ceases. Then the abundant flow starts flowing freely through them, opening the unseen gates of abundance.

When these gates open, resources pour in from the depths of our authentic world. Thus, boundless luxury begins enriching our lives. The Gates of Abundance open when the Unified World Financial Order enters our lives. This is not the order that is transmitted in the external world, in the game of politics and Earth's economy. It is an energetic order of the World Soul in the inner world, which opens the gates for the flow of abundant energy into the external world, bringing Spirit-Body-Soul into the trinity of the infinite stream of Life's ocean of eternity.

Humanity is constantly struggling with life, thereby generating a war between the Forces of the Soul and reinforcing the perception of linear time. Linear time is the movement that revolves around humans when they resist life, causing life to revolve around them. This creates a centrifugal force that pushes away wealth as resources rotate outward within our space.

But once a person transitions into higher realms, becoming one with the infinite cosmos, remembering their divine essence and dwelling in the Temple of the inner world, everything changes drastically. Centripetal force begins to draw everything towards you for a life of abundance. In this way, a person is liberated from the race where any resistance to life brings poverty. Even for the very wealthy, life constantly creates wars, challenges, and keeps them trapped in a cycle. By stepping out of this matrix, a person breaks free from the routine of life, as if riding a wave that always carries them effortlessly, assisting in everything. 

The key is the constant inner tranquility, joy, and happiness experienced while dwelling in eternity, where there is unity of rest and action, and where we become one with all the resources of the World Soul. This is an indescribable state and inner sensation. However, it can be multiplied by sharing the experience of transitioning into the Temple of the World Soul, where the Unified World (Soul) Financial (abundance energy) Order (of the inner world) reigns.

Through ascension and rebirth in new energies, your original forces and the teams of Superbeings work above you. It is through their presence in your life that various super abilities manifest within you.

All your life systems awaken and reconnect. Evolutionary Keys from the future are necessary to be brought into your present, for reprogramming into the New Model of Life.
All the Guardians of Life, Guardian Angels, elementals, spirits, and guides within your Light body awaken, and the curtain falls—it is time to remember who you are and where you are headed. It is their presence and the connection you have with them that determines the luminosity of your Light body or Rainbow body.

The New Time is about close collaboration. Do not waste your time on old tricks of your old consciousness framework. Make your transition by connecting to the New Energies of the New Life.

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The Unified Temple of God

Reimagining architectural solutions for the harmonious and conscientious application of these principles, to create and optimize our energy environment.

This will serve as a catalyst for the evolutionary consciousness of humanity and the awakening of our true divine plan, the source of our original consciousness from the core of creation, for the transformation and transmutation of our collective reality.

Prolonging life and youthfulness through harmonious structures of innovative bio-architecture developments and the advancement of innovative technologies. The main criterion of development is not the technologies themselves; we consider them merely as tools. The priority in the path of creating a society of the future, a unified human family, lies in spiritual development.

The Unified Temple - City of Light project presents a vision of the future world where the spiritual space becomes the very place we inhabit, the dimension in which humans and nature coexist in harmony and symbiosis. It is a path that leads humanity to remember its original origins, rooted in nature and the cosmos.

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Organs, blood, meridians

Organs, blood and meridians begin to radiate a completely different frequency when you enter the path of mastery of the New Time man. This is the inevitable path of evolution. Change of the quality of organs and their functions in higher aspects. Supersonic wave that changes the composition of the blood, enriching all the glands. Shift of energy meridians through the centers that you knew as chakras. In the new perfect consciousness these centers are united into a single field of the Heart. The meridians passing through the pineal gland activate the release of hormones to prolong life, youth and living knowledge.

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Self-healing is the replacement of consciousness with a more perfect one, with the one of higher frequency without distortions. There are no diseases, there are distortions in your energy field, which are expressed in the memory records of the time and space of your consciousness. Coordinate of time-space change, consciousness changes, records change. These are super-evolutionary technologies, transferred from the future to the present, which have always been kept in the memory of perfect fields.

The time has come when people will not be able to shift the responsibility for their ailments, and therefore for their energy field. The time has come when you can heal yourself by applying the knowledge of the New Time, free from the dogmas of the matrix of 3D illusions.

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Golden race

The mission of this project is to demonstrate the existence of an evolutionary membrane in society and to embody the quintessence of unity in harmony with international teams. In other words, it aims to showcase the full spectrum of applicability of subtle energies in our lives, leading us into the Golden Age. We are unfolding an entirely new system of interaction and the development of new forms of life through the Unified Central Golden Intelligence, the Unified Spirit. In the Unified Heart, a truly unique system is established, free from all dogmas, rules, religions, and external pressures, where every person is a carrier of quantum consciousness. It is a place where everyone embodies the source and manifests absolute equality, absolute genuine Love, and responsibility for their frequency.

The Golden Race represents the interaction of superhumans in the new era, where the primary superpower is True Love, which humanity is destined to embrace. It is a frequency that unifies all brain stations, taking people out of the dimensions of separation (all other platforms of interaction) and into the dimension of Unity, merging all Forces into the Unified Body of Superconsciousness, the superfrequency.

Relationships and communication without pain

There is a quantum depository - a field of pure energy - from which all things originate, as well as all our successes and failures, gains and losses, healing and illness, all great fears and aspirations. The possibilities of this reality incubator are unlimited. The potentialities contained in it are activated with the help of such emotional “reagents” as imagination, hope, valuation and passion. We make our joys and sorrows come true through our own views of who we are, what we have and do not have, and what we should or should not be. 

To manage this field of pure energy, one must, firstly, realize that it exists, secondly, understand how it works, and thirdly, master the language of communication with it. We can become the architects of reality, and then all things will be subject to us in the space where the world originates - in the Divine matrix.

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Give birth and raise God

Everything that concerns the children of the New Time, from conception to upbringing in new energies, in new speeds, in new conditions of life.

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The main superpower of a human being in the modern era is the ability to contain the entire Universe within their authentic heart, in the literal sense of the word. It is the ability of the World Soul, which embodies Living True Love. In the realm of superconsciousness, everything is perceived differently. There is no linearity of the mind here; instead, there is a fractal, multidimensional field capable of projecting your body into the space and time of the most perfect events among the multitude of possibilities. We will reveal to you those superpowers that will grant you absolute freedom from the race for survival. They will uncover new colors of life for you and bring order where it is needed. True superpowers are the living presence of super-frequency consciousness in the necessary coordinates of time in your present moment.

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God’s Plan

You already feel from the ongoing events: the world is on the verge of global change. The most fundamental systems quake and change, and it is not known what will happen next. There are two ways of development - transhumanism and universal digitization, or a New society in close connection with spirituality and nature, with the liberating, healing technologies of the Golden Age. 

 Each person has his own sacred right to choose and contains a unique combination of qualities, creativity, purpose, guided by his eternal Soul, inner Sun. When there is contact with one’s Source, a person gains deep self-confidence, integrity and clarity.

And most importantly, there comes an understanding of what the outcome of the development of the whole world actually depends on. Exactly on this, and on everyone living now. 

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