Every resident of the New Earth will write their own Book of Life. In essence, you write it in every action within the cells of memory. However, here we are referring to the Book of Life that will tell the story of those who are preparing to live in the super-frequency field of the New Life. Life on the Edge, along the Edge, rather than Beyond the Edge, awaits those who have tuned into the frequency of genuine Love and are ready to live in the present unity, which is built upon the merging of the Merkaba into the Unified Heart of the Universe.

By writing the Book of Life, you will become acquainted with the God that is your original self. With this book, you will not forget yourself and, therefore, will not lose your identity. All paths lead to the realization of the meaning of life. And only by knowing oneself do you discover this meaning and unite with all who have attained this realization.


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